Champion Toolkit

Being a champion is a great way to ensure the success of Strawberry Day of Giving! You can be a champion in one of two ways: you can help by simply SPREADING THE WORD or you can go one step further and also BECOME A FUNDRAISER. In any case, getting the word out about Strawberry Day of Giving is the main goal for all Champions! See below for the simple steps to each level of being a Champion.

Champion Training Session

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Level 1: Spread the Word

Level 2: Spread the Word & Be a Fundraiser

Spread the Word!

The main job of a Champion to spread the word about Strawberry Day of Giving to as many people as possible - and you can spread the word in many ways!

Pro tip: use the graphics found on the Downloads Page to enhance your outreach and draw more supporters!

1. Social Media

Posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

I'm so excited to support Strawberry Day of Giving! You can support Ramona by visiting the giving day site at and donating on May 10th.


2. Text Messages

Text your friends and family and let them know to check out Strawberry Day of Giving - the site is mobile-friendly!

Have you heard of Strawberry Day of Giving? It's a day of giving that supports Ramona! Check it out: [LINK TO SITE]

Awesome - thanks for sharing!

3. Email

Email is still the #1 communication tool when it comes to successful fundraising! Here's a sample that you could use to send out to your network:

Subject: Join me in Supporting Strawberry Day of Giving

I am excited to announce that I am supporting Ramona during Strawberry Day of Giving by taking on the role of a Champion. Learn more about Strawberry Day of Giving at

Choose what area you would like your donations raised to go, i.e. funds raised can be for the General Scholarship Fund to the Alumae Scholarship Fund! I am supporting because [Why are you supporting Strawberry Day of Giving? What impact has Ramona had on you?]

Thank you for supporting Ramona!

Spread the Word & Be a Fundraiser!

Go the extra step and become a Fundraising Champion. As a Fundraising Champion you will play a critical role in raising additional funds for Ramona during Strawberry Day of Giving. You will be responsible for spreading the word just as all other Champions, however you will have the added impact of generating your own unique page and link that you will be including in all of your communications, kind of similar to birthday fundraisers on Facebook. This is the ultimate way to show your Ramona pride!

Become a Fundraising Champion with these simple steps:

1. Choose your fund

Choose the fund that you would like to specifically fundraise for from this list and view the profile

2. Sign up!

Click the FUNDRAISE button, then enter in your details

3. Personlize

Customize your new Fundraising Champion page with your own personal story, images, and even a video

Hint: if you'd like to change your profile image, use this support article to learn how to edit your personal profile.

4. Spread your unique link

Use the tips in the above section to get the word out, but make sure to include your unique link in all social media posts and emails

I'm so excited to support Strawberry Day of Giving! You can support Ramona by visiting my fundraiser page and donating on May 10th.


Helpful Resources

Support Articles to help learn how to customize your fundraiser page.